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  • Reduce Stress, and the Risk of an Inaccurate Return. Let us handle your tax prep.
  • Get the Maximum Return From Your Return
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  • All Returns Reviewed by an Experienced CPA
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Are the tax practitioners at US Tax Relief licensed?

When you enlist our tax preparation services, you can benefit from comprehensive tax advice sourced from our tax attorneys, accountants, CPAs, and tax preparers. Every one of our tax prep team members is licensed with a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). However, many of our income tax specialists have further certifications. At US Tax Relief, you can work with Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and/or Enrolled Agents to tackle any type of tax resolution need.
All of our tax preparers work under the direct support of one of our tax attorneys

How do I know my returns are accurate?

Many of our customers started with us due to an issue with the IRS or state taxing authorities. Even though those issues may have been settled, they still deal with continuing scrutiny and pressure from the taxing authorities. We go the extra length to ensure a complete and accurate tax return. Our robust tax resolution department is passionate about accuracy, and we take extra steps that our competitors don’t.

  • We file a limited power of attorney: We file a limited power of attorney on behalf of all our clients, which allows our tax income preparation specialists to contact the IRS and/or state when necessary. This also grants us the opportunity to order transcripts and account records from the IRS, so that we can ensure the utmost in attention to detail when filing your tax returns.
  • We assign your tax return a dedicated tax preparer. This skilled income tax specialist will take over the preparation of your tax return and leave no stone unturned to ensure all listed information is accurate.
  • We follow a rigorous review process: Upon completion, the return is submitted to US Tax Relief’s review team, composed of seasoned certified public accountants with as much as 30 years of experience. The CPA reviewer will then analyze your income tax return line by line to ensure its the accuracy. Your return will be sent via mail, or email if requested, and then filed immediately upon receipt of your signature pages.

Does US Tax Relief offer custom tax solutions?

Unlike some of the largest tax preparation companies, we believe in providing custom tax experiences. In addition to both individual and corporate tax return preparation, our tax department assists clients with other tax preparation needs such as audits, estimated tax payments, estate tax problems, inheritance taxes, missing tax returns, tax assurance, and much more. US Tax Relief handles IRS correspondence involving any IRS or state audits or notices. Call US Tax Relief today for more information about our income tax preparation services and to find out how we can help you save time and money this tax season

What do I need to do when filing my taxes through US Tax Relief?

We believe that income tax preparation should not be a burden on our clients. We will send you simple fillable questionnaires that allow us to prepare your income taxes efficiently and quickly. Once you receive your tax return, you can review it for accuracy and send it back to be filed on time. Our tax preparers sign every tax return prepared and US Tax Relief puts a guarantee on all our tax work. These extra measures insure no source of income or expense is missed or left off of your income tax return.

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