US Tax Relief Agency is a national tax resolution firm based in Chesapeake, VA. With three offices across the country, we like to think of ourselves as a 'medium' size firm. That is, large enough to assist clients anywhere in the country, but small enough to offer a high level of personal service.

Each of our clients receives individualized attention from a tax attorney who manages their case from start to finish.  Whether your issue is with the IRS or a state taxing authority, we have the team to help you resolve the issue. A unique aspect of the US Tax philosophy is our emphasis on helping our business clients after their tax problem has been cured. 

Our Mission
At US Tax Relief we are focused on three primary values:

Client Focused. We take our responsibility to each individual client as our top priority.  People come to us for solutions to dealing with the aggressive collection policies Federal and State taxing authorities. . Our #1 duty is to help our clients resolve these challenges quickly and by achieving the best possible result. We offer the same level of service to each client regardless of the size of their claim.

Consistent and realistic communication with our clients. We help our clients overcome the anxiety that a tax issue can create by regularly updating them with an accurate progress report and realistic assessment of their case.

Preventing future tax difficulties. We created our Good Standing Team specifically to assist our clients after their case case is resolved. We offer a variety of business accounting, strategic planning, and marketing solutions to help your business grow and thrive.